Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) involves high levels of craftsmanship and technological processes to deliver amazing looking floor surfaces that have been polished and buffed to the point where they shine. Mechanically Polished Concrete Floors harden the concrete by a factor of up to ten times, making the floor surface extremely durable as well as looking fantastic.
Grind and seal concreting can be applied in a variety of situations both residential and commercial, indoors and outdoors and will give you a very durable and inexpensive finish that will last years.
Honed Concrete is a finish that we would recommend for outdoor areas such as flat or low gradient driveways, footpaths, outdoor areas, porches and around pools.
An epoxy floor coating can give your new or old concrete floor an impressive finish that is durable and extremely easy to keep clean. Epoxy coatings provide an impressive finish that will last for many years and can be applied to existing concrete floors, as well as to new surfaces.
When you choose to seal or coat your concrete floor not only are you going to make it look better, but you are protecting the floor from staining and wear.
Concrete grinding will help you to improve the quality of a sub floor surface by removing ridges, contaminants and other loose material.
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