Concrete Finishes

Concrete Finishes

Stone Exposure

There are three different levels of exposure to choose from:

Cream Finish
Salt & Pepper Exposure
Medium Aggregate Exposure
Large Aggregate Exposure

Cream Finish

Cream Finish is where the floor has nil exposure. Concrete Requirements: Concrete needs to be 4500 PSI strength or higher and well cured. The concrete has to be completely flat and hit with the helicopter to achieve a burnished finish multiple times so it leaves the concrete completely smooth.

Salt & Pepper Exposure

Salt and Pepper Exposure is when the concrete is ground lightly to expose as least as possible. Concrete Requirements: Concrete needs to be preferably 3500 PSI of strength or higher. Vibrator should be used and floor should be as flat as possible. In regard to this, floor the concrete should be left with a burnished finish by a helicopter so it is completely smooth.

Medium Aggregate Exposure

Medium Exposure is where the floor goes from nil exposure to full exposure of aggregate. Concrete Requirements: Concrete needs to be preferably 3500 PSI of strength or higher and well cured. Vibrator can be used with this throughout the whole slab. Also care has to be taken when laying the concrete, ie screed marks, footprints etc. because of the risk of pushing the aggregate down too far. This floor would be the most popular out of them all.

Large Aggregate Exposure

Large Aggregate Exposure is where the floor is ground to show maximum amount of aggregate as possible. Concrete Requirements: Concrete needs to be preferably 3500 PSI of strength or higher and well cured. No vibrator is to be used in the top 4” of the concrete slab so to minimize areas with no stone. Also care has to be taken when laying the concrete, ie screed marks, footprints etc. because of the risk of pushing the aggregate down too far.


Sheen Level

Once you have chosen your concrete finishing procedure and have decided how much stone you want to see (nil, minimum or maximum exposure), the next thing to decide is what level of sheen you like:

Semi Gloss
High Gloss

When deciding what gloss level you prefer it really just comes down to a personal preference, however you might want to consider what is easier to maintain, and that the cost can vary depending on the gloss level you choose. The matte finish is the more industrial/rustic natural look that is used in many homes, cafes, shops and other commercial flooring. It is very easy to maintain and won’t show up dust as easily. The semi-gloss is probably our most popular choice as it still has great shine, but is easier to keep looking clean than the high gloss. The high gloss is the head turning option for people who are after that wow factor and it lends itself to high end and glamorous homes and offices, although it does require a bit more maintenance as it can be a bit more obvious when your floor isn’t spotless – this small point is often totally outweighed by the completely stunning overall look.



Artistic, Decorative, Dyes & Stains

EcoCoating Solutions offers many ways to add extra style to your concrete floor. Ranging from basic dyes and stains where the choice of colors is limitless, to very specific artistic and decorative patterns representing your organization's image or logos, talk to us about the customization options of your concrete project!

Concrete Finishing Methods

Mechanically Polished Concrete

Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) is fast becoming the number one choice when looking at flooring options. As well as being used widely in the commercial industry by many big-name department stores, it is fast gaining a reputation in the residential industry for being the environmentally sensible solution. Its practicality coupled with the modern stylish look, along with easy maintenance and durability, has seen its popularity soar in recent years. True Polished Concrete is worth the extra money that it costs upfront because you have very little in the way of maintenance over the life of the floor – in fact it ends up being the cheapest flooring solution available on the market when you look at it over a 20 year cycle, as there is no topical coating that can wear away and therefore there is no need for re-coating every few years. Along with value for money, it is also a healthier option as the floor is so well refined that it will not support the growth of toxic mold or dust mites, which is great for asthma or other allergy sufferers. Mechanically Polished Concrete brings together beauty, functionality, strength and it is easy to clean and maintain! It is also the environmentally sensible option as it makes use of the existing slab and minimizes waste, and due to the reflective properties of the floor you can reduce your lighting requirements.

Mechanically Polished Concrete

Grind & Seal

Grind and seal concreting can be applied in a variety of situations both residential and commercial, indoors and outdoors and will give you a very durable and inexpensive finish that will last years. Concrete grinding and sealing is a method of polishing concrete, we grind back the top layer of concrete to show as little or as much stone as the customer desires. (Some like to see a lot, and some like to see only a little, it is a personal preference). Once the right level of stone exposure has been achieved with the concrete grinding we then use finer diamonds to remove visible scratching and get a flat surface ready for a coating. At this point the concrete can be dyed if you want to change the color and/or it can be grouted if you want a much smoother more refined glass like surface. For a full stone exposure finish, we will always grout the floor, but for a minimum/random exposure you can choose if you want to add this step as it will cost more. Lastly the floor is finished with a protective sealer. This sealer can be a matte, semi-gloss or high gloss.

Grind and Seal with High Level Stone Exposure


Honed Concrete is a finish that we would recommend for outdoor areas such as flat or low gradient driveways, footpaths, outdoor areas, porches and around pools etc. Honed concrete is only available in a matte finish and it has a penetrating sealer applied which protects the concrete and helps to prevent staining. Unlike a grind and seal, this sealer is absorbed into the concrete so it doesn’t remain on the surface. This makes the honed concrete a longer lasting option for outdoor areas as there is nothing to wear away or scratch over time. Although you are not able to choose the gloss level, you are still able to choose your stone exposure level. If you are happy to see only a small/random amount of stone it is less expensive, but if you want full stone exposure we have to grind down further and it will cost more due to the increase in labor required. You can also add grout if you want a more refined surface. For outdoor concrete areas the alternative we offer to honed concrete is a grind and seal. This option is popular for those who want a semi-gloss or a high gloss polished concrete look in an outdoor area. We can add a non-slip grit to the top coat to help make prevent slipping and all the products we use outdoors are UV stable coatings and will not yellow over time.

Outdoor Honed Concrete
Concrete Polishing / Honing

Concrete Sealer

EcoCoating Solutions offers a wide range of protective floor coatings and concrete sealers. There are options available for all purposes. When you choose to seal or coat your concrete floor, not only are you going to make it look better, but you are protecting the floor from staining and wear. Ensure you’re giving your surfaces the best possible treatment thanks to our premium selection of products for sealing concrete. When looking at sealing your concrete surfaces, you want to make sure you’re applying a solution that will stand the test of time. Our products offer a variety of benefits, helping to strengthen and prevent your floors from spalling or cracking. Invest in a penetrating sealer to create a barrier against water, moisture and deicing salts whilst giving a natural finish without changing the appearance of your surfaces. On the other hand, a decorative coating will leave a satin or gloss finish that enhances the look and texture of your surfaces. Looking to simply apply a protective concrete coating film? Our durable coatings are designed to resist abrasion and chemicals, providing a long-lasting finish for your indoor areas.

Sealed Concrete with High Level Stone Exposure

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