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Polished Concrete is fast becoming the number one choice when looking at flooring options. As well as being used widely in the commercial industry by many big name department stores, Concrete Polishing is fast gaining a reputation in the residential industry for being the environmentally sensible solution.  Its practicality coupled with the modern stylish look, along with easy maintenance and durability, has seen its popularity soar in recent years.

Epoxy flooring Coating products are used widely in garage floors, driveways and outdoor areas, and also in many commercial and industrial premises throughout the DC metro area. They are a popular choice due to the wide range of applications they can be used for and they are durable and easy to maintain, in addition to their chemical resistance factor – and there is a color to suit everyone.

Our natural stone polishing service restores the original shine to your floors and counter tops and brings your surfaces back to new life. Don’t replace your tired floor – restore them.

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