Commercial Tile & Grout

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Tile and grout are challenging to clean and maintain. Grout is a porous material, and will stain easily, making your floors appear old and filthy, no matter how much you scrub or mop. Even with a thorough and professional cleaning, the residue from the water absorbs back into the pores of the tile and grout, taking bacteria and grime with it.

Our experts clean and seal your tile surfaces (horizontal and vertical) with our Hard Tile Clear Treatment, creating a non-porous surface that keeps dirt and grime out.

Prior to our final seal, we can also color seal grout lines to look new again.

Benefits to having EcoCoating Solutions service your business are:



Restore and protect your tile surfaces to like-new condition.


Make floor tiles not only attractively like-new, but safe with our top coat that provides abrasion for a safer tread.


Our experts clean and neutralize the surface and then apply a top coat to keep out future bacteria and germs.

Makes cleaning easier, and will eliminate harsh, toxic chemicals typically used to clean hard surfaces.

Chemical resistant.

Prevents grout and urine stains in restrooms.


Application lasts 5 - 7 years.


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Successful project photos tell the story.

Your Floors are Dirtier Than You Think


Floors, even those that have just been cleaned, are dirtier than you think. EcoCoating Solutions cleans floors before we seal. Take a look at these job photos of "clean" surfaces that we cleaned before protecting.

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Commercial Glass Coatings & Restoration

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EcoCoating Solutions coats glass with the most technologically advanced coating on the market - for which we are exclusive applicators, making glass easy to clean and protected against hard-water staining and other environmental factors that may cause damage and corrosion.

The major reactive chemical in glass is oxygen, which is the enemy that opens up glass to invasion by other chemicals.

As water runs over glass, the oxygen interacts, leaching out potassium and lime within glass. These lime deposits appear white - in other words, water spots. Over time, a glass surface erodes. Minuscule river beds are created, resulting in spots returning to the same places time after time.

There are many environmental factors that can cause damage and corrosion to  windows but we at EcoCoating Solutions have the ability to restore glass visibility distortion and can prevent future damage of the same.

It is best to have your windows coated with HydroShield covalent bonding glass sealer before the window gets stained. HydroShield is a revolutionary sealant for glass and glass-glazed surfaces. But no worries. If your glass is already compromised by dirt or spotting, our team will use advanced restoration techniques to remove the signs of damage that are currently impacting your commercial or marine glass. Then, we will apply the unique HydroShield covalent protective bonding coating to the glass, which never chip or stain. In addition to actually strengthening the glass from future staining or abrasion, this prevents the likelihood of stains, hard water and other types of damage from occurring in the future, eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, and enables you to see clearly through the glass for years to come.

Often, the metals surrounding a glass project are oxidized. EcoCoating Solutions can restore and coat that as well, to give your unified project a complete and unified appearance and ease of maintenance.

*This covalent bonding technology applies to our treatment of the above-described glass applications as well as the substrates listed below.


Yacht Windows

Office Windows

Shower Doors


Art Glass

Glass Block

Non-Porous Granite

Quartz (engineered stone)

Ceramic Tile


Glass Application Possibilities are endless

Let EcoCoating Solutions partner with you to protect your investments for years to come.

Concrete Coatings


An epoxy coated floor provides a reliable, durable, beautiful, chemically resistant, lower maintenance surface for residential, commercial and industrial flooring.

Project Photos

The results speak for themselves.

Natural Stone Polishing & Honing


Don't replace your tired and dull natural stone flooring or counter tops. Let EcoCoating Solutions restore it to its original luster. Save time and money on your project by letting us bring it back its shine.

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