If you're looking for something truly unique, check out our designer metallic and acid-stained concrete flooring systems!


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Stained concrete floors give a unique and stunning look. The acid stain that is used works with the features of your existing concrete and gives the floors in an elegant look that will last the lifetime of the concrete.

Stained concrete is easy to clean and maintain, making it very popular in homes as well as high-traffic commercial areas.

Epoxy metallic floors offer amazing versatility.  From a warehouse to a penthouse, a restaurant to a home garage, it's a transformative floor and the creative possibilities are endless.  At EcoCoating Solutions, we adhere to only the highest industry standards and use the best Metallic Epoxy materials available on the market today.

When you choose a metallic epoxy floor coating, you will enjoy a truly one of a kind result.  When we say one of a kind, we really mean  it as no metallic epoxy floor can be exactly replicated, not even by the same contractor! This is because the methods we use form what texture, color combinations, and design aesthetic you want  but we cannot totally control how the texture is laid out, or how the colors move within the design so your flooring will be the only one just like yours!

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