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tile and grout

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Tile and grout are challenging to clean and maintain. Grout is a porous material, and will stain easily, making your floors appear old and filthy, no matter how much you scrub or mop. Even with a thorough and professional cleaning, the residue from the water absorbs back into the pores of the tile and grout, taking bacteria and grime with it.

Our experts clean and seal your tile surfaces (horizontal and vertical) with our Hard Tile Clear Treatment, creating a non-porous surface that keeps dirt and grime out.

Prior to our final seal, we can also color seal grout lines to look new again.

Benefits to having EcoCoating Solutions service your business are:



Restore and protect your tile surfaces to like-new condition.


Make floor tiles not only attractively like-new, but safe with our top coat that provides abrasion for a safer tread.


Our experts clean and neutralize the surface and then apply a top coat to keep out future bacteria and germs.

Makes cleaning easier, and will eliminate harsh, toxic chemicals typically used to clean hard surfaces.

Chemical resistant.

Prevents grout and urine stains in restrooms.


Application lasts 5 - 7 years.


Before and after

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Your Floors are Dirtier Than You Think


Floors - even those that have just been cleaned - are dirtier than you think. EcoCoating Solutions cleans floors before we seal. Take a look at these job photos of "clean" surfaces that we cleaned before protecting.

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