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Our Approach

EcoCoating Solutions is a locally owned and operated company that offers industry leading eco-friendly, American-made products that protect surfaces throughout your home and business. Our number one focus at EcoCoating Solutions is our customers and the community we serve.

It is our mission to provide our customers with real solutions for maintaining and preserving hard to clean surfaces while eliminating the need for harmful cleaning chemicals. With our wide range of surface sealants/coatings and restoration solutions, we have have the knowledge and capability to keep your home and business surfaces looking new and easy to maintain with eco-friendly cleaners.

Eliminating the need for harsh chemicals because what we breathe matters.

Our Story

EcoCoating Solutions is owned by Patrick Cook. Pat left Kailua, Hawaii 30 years ago and began his life on the east coast. He met his wife, Heather, and they have been married since 1988.  They settled in Laytonsville, Maryland, where they raised their two children. Pat and Heather have each lived by and have a lifelong reputation for operating under the same business philosophy:  Provide your customers with the highest level of service and quality of products that can best serve their needs, and stand behind them!

Meet The Team

Let the EcoCoating Solutions family meet yours.

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